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Hello, Meet Janet Hayward

 Janet Hayward is a marketing coach for online businesses.  She teaches simple marketing systems to new coaches so that they can get clients and start making money

Janet helps new online coaches develop the clarity, skills, and strategies they need to grow a profitable online business, and live joyful, prosperous, and balanced lives. 

Janet started coaching 33-years ago.  As a Physical Therapist, she inspired and motivated people to take action in their healing process.
The medical field changed and became more money-oriented and less people-oriented.  Janet decided to take her coaching and motivation skills online. 
She spent years learning online marketing and enhancing her skills and abilities.   
Her program is designed to cut your learning curve by 90%.   You avoid the overwhelm of figuring it out on your own.  You save time and money when you follow her roadmap to creating a profitable coaching program.

Coaches that go through her BEST Marketing Academy get everything they need.  They attract paying clients and are making money long before they finish the program

What my clients have to say . . .

Janet has helped create so much clarity, focus, and direction around my new business venture.  I started working with Janet with just an idea for a business and no knowledge of how to turn that idea into a reality.  She was able to explain things in a way that I, as a complete beginner, could understand and begin taking action.  She is constantly asking for feedback from her followers and then takes those results and turns it into great content that is timely and relevant
   ~Joanne DeSanctis -  Cancer Survivor Coach ~
Highly recommended.  I've had SO many ah-ha's during our coaching session.  Thank you, Janet!  Coaching is definitely your genius zone.   
~ Takia Hansley, Owner of Reality Shifters ~
Janet is very sweet and willing to help anytime!  She helped me to edit my FB ad copy.  To make it easier to read and understand.  To make it easy for my audience to see the benefits of my program.  
~ Hadeily Salazar ~
Janet has helped me enormously with my first steps to using Builderall to create a website and set up an integrated email!  She is an excellent teacher!
Janet makes things that feel overwhelming clear and straightforward.  She helps to transfer creating a website into something that is fun.   
Janet is an amazingly intuitive and inspiring coach, having those perfect messages or words at the right time.  Thank you so much, Janet!
~ Cath Aanwyn - Photographer & Coach ~
My major breakthrough was learning what to look for in order to find clarity.  how to put things in perspective so that I can see them better and deal with them accordingly.

Things changed for me because during our session, she helped me to clarify the things I struggle with the most.  Now I have a clearer path to follow because of her guidance and suggestions. 

I was hoping to get exactly what I got, clarification.  I'm an online marketer and for weeks now I have been struggling with how to move my business forward with an email building strategy.  After taking with Janet, I was able to see the big picture of how I should proceed to maximize my email list building. 
~ Mary Gaines Triggs, Online Marketer ~

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